Technology - making communicating fun, the whole world over!

We rely on technology to connect with lovely people just like you allllll over the world.


  • what we use
  • why we use it, and
  • how you might be using it, too!  

Acuity Scheduling : AcuityScheduling is our online diary: Acuity Scheduling

CourseCraft : is where we host our online Studio courses. They look beautiful, as well as being easy to navigate: CourseCraft

FitSwarm : FitSwarm is where we facilitate our online Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation classes. Registering is very simple; we think FitSwarm is very user-friendly & intuitive: FitSwarm help

MailerLite : is how we deliver our Snippets 'n Love letters to subscribers, or share daily Stories updates (as and when new Stories are published): MailerLite

MightyBell : this is the social commenting platform we choose to host our Express Your Curve Studio on. It's sooooo much nicer than Facebook, and less invasive! Again, it's really easy to sign up: join us. Here's just one of the reasons we choose to keep our Studio on the MightyBell platform, rather than using Facebook groups

Payment Processing : please kindly note that we use Stripe as our main payment processor, with PayPal as our back-up. 

Typeform : we use Typeform as an easy, secure way for you to share your questions and your feedback, and we'll often share them after playshops or coaching sessions. Typeform PS if you are finding any of the forms unresponsive or not playing nicely, please let me know - thank you! 

WhatsApp : coaching programme clients may choose to receive prompts from Callie via WhatsApp, a free app for smartphones: WhatsApp

WorldTimeBuddy : perfect for working out which timezone you are in. Although Express Your Curve is located in the UK (+5 hours of Eastern), we run playshops and retreats as often as we can to accommodate other timezones: WorldTimeBuddy

Zoom.US : our online conferencing line which shows us your beautiful faces! *Yay* Really easy to use, a tiny bit of magic to install and off we go! Once you've installed that tiny bit of magic on your computer, or installed one of their apps if using a smartphone or tablet (e.g.), you'll be able to connect to our room with ease. Zoom.US help


See! We promised not to baffle you with techno-waffle ت

... and, as always, if you have any questions, just get in touch and I will be only too happy to help!