How do YOU keep your boundaries strong, yet flexible?

Once upon a time ... little girls were taught that we must always put other people ahead of ourselves. And when we turn into big girls, most of us continue to squash our needs, our desires, our happiness, our energy, our uniqueness, under the swell of tending to everyone else's needs.

But thankfully, we're seeing an uprising: reclaiming our sense of self-care and self-nurture, valuing our beautiful selves and learning to tighten up those boundaries a notch or two.

So I'd really love to know, dear heart ... how do YOU keep your boundaries strong, yet flexible? And how easy do you find it to put your own care and needs first, when everyone else is clamouring for attention?

Maybe you find it impossible! If that's the case, what kind of things would you find helpful?

Please do share your thoughts and comments below - it will help us to feel that we are not alone, (and will also help me to serve you better) xx

γƒ… PS Sara Fabian shares 6 ways in which she prioritises caring for herself without feeling selfish (in an article on Tiny Buddha, link below). Which ones resonate most with you?

  • Do more things for my heart and soul
  • Take good care of my body
  • Set healthy boundaries with the outer world
  • Stop fighting for perfection
  • Let go of the β€œdo it all” mentality
  • Love and approve of myself, as I am

Article: How I Prioritize and Take Care of Myself Without Feeling Selfish by Sara Fabian via Tiny Buddha

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