Book review: The Teacher Appears - 108 prompts to power your yoga practice by Brian Leaf

The Teacher Appears: 108 prompts to power your yoga practice by Brian Leaf

Once upon a time ... I loved Leaf's 'Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi' which had made a lasting impression on me, so I was curious to read his latest publication which is in the style of journal, filled with 108 prompts to enhance your yoga or meditation practice.

Perfectly-sized to slip into your bag for everyday mulling, I found 'The Teacher Appears' an intriguing blend of insightful exercises suited to the power-yogi and playful exercises for the wannabe-yogi (i.e. me).

I mean, these really are exercises that you DO: Leaf invites you to rip out pages from the journal and post them to a friend, or to colour in or sketch on certain prompt pages ... and if you've been raised to treat books as idols and defacing books is akin to a mortal sin, this may prove challenging.

But it's ok ... 'The Teacher Appears' gives you permission to go wild and express yourself.

There are some truly lovely quotes and prompts contained within these pages. Some more challenging than others: I mean, when was the last time you took an entire half-day to do ONLY what brings you joy? (I know! See what I mean?!)

Some prompts really ask you to dig down deep into yourself, whereas some are delightfully whimsy on a day where you just want to skip through meadows and ride fluffy unicorns through the buttercups. I particularly loved the prompt to 'ask someone from yoga class out to tea or for a walk': I've not yet been brave enough to do this (after all, I live in London ... dare we speak to our fellow yogi's after class? is that allowed?). 

Another truly lovely prompt is the white lotus flower: I've coloured that in (sparkles 'n all) and taken a photo so it sits as a reminder on my phone screen to meditate for 5 minutes (when safe to do so, obviously!), visualising this beautiful lotus flower to shine with a bright light from behind my belly button ... and breathe.

This book truly is delightful, filled with prompts on pages that aren't numbered: so let go of the need to work through it. Just dive in and choose a page a day to joyfully engage with FULLY. Give it your best self and honour yourself with a few moments to really connect with your divine spark and then complete the prompt that's opened up for you.

Go on ... gift your inner yogi permission to play with the prompts in this delightful book

Irrespective of your yogi status, there truly is something here for everyone.

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