Did you know ... its #TheBigTeaCosy week?

Yes! It's true! There is a heavenly host of fabulous Tea Cosies taking place across the UK from Wednesday 1st - Tuesday 7th February 2017, helping to raise money for Breast Cancer Haven to enable them to continue their fabulous work of supporting people affected by breast cancer. #TheBigTeaCosy campaign has raised £75,000 in its first three years.

Breast Cancer Haven

This is a fabulous event to help raise awareness of (and funds for!) Breast Cancer Havenwhile having lots of fun with friends over a cuppa.

I'm especially passionate about Breast Cancer Haven and what they offer in their treatment centres across the UK, as they helped me get through my breast cancer treatment in 2011-12 via a variety of complementary therapies and workshops, including a life-changing session of art therapy!

Sadly, due to university workloads and health issues, I am unable to host a live #TheBigTeaCosy event BUT I wanted to share the ways in which YOU could help take part in the fun!

Why not bake yourself a cake while you're at it? Here are a few recipe ideas: Celebration Cake (Penny Brohn Cancer Centre) + Sugar-free cakes & bakes

If you are able to share a cuppa with friends this week, do share the love by posting any photographs online, using the hashtags #thebigteacosy #letsgetcosy #breastcancerhaven- make sure to tag me on Twitter @CallieCarling and Instagram @Callie_Carling and I will gladly retweet and repost for you!

Thank you and bless you for joining in the fun ... enjoy your cuppa 'n cake, knowing that it's for a very worthwhile cause!

~ time to be all of you

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