Musings: #TimeToTalk about the WonderWoman Syndrome

Every day should be a #TimeToTalk a powerful mission of Time to Change who encourage us to have conversations about mental health, to help put at an end mental health discrimination within our society.

How I think I look ... hehe!

How I think I look ... hehe!

And I think it's a conversation that is very much needed because gosh! mental health is so omnipresent ... plus trying to find someone you can talk to, who won't judge you or try to 'fix' you when you dare to open up, can often feel akin to looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.  

As a cancer and mental health advocate, I choose to put my personal experiences to good use on a broader scale, but it doesn't make me any less timid about opening up to people on a one-to-one level. After a lifetime of feeling alienated by episodes of anxiety and depression, the most recent having been triggered by physiological issues and major life stress episodes x 5, I find my myself wondering how many women have WonderWoman Syndrome (Ah! Lynda Carter was my childhood heroine!) and end up with mental health issues, when it becomes impossible to keep all the balls from dropping on the floor ...

Juggling has never been my strong point, but I DO know myself well. I know that when I make time for nourishing self-care practices and get myself moving (walking, dancing, Pilates, using proper nutrition and aromatherapy practices, plus a whole lot more), I am in a much better zone mentally. I feel more resilient, I feel more capable. My boundaries are strengthened. 

So it makes me laugh - with a wry smile - that I find myself having hit the wall so spectacularly in January 2017, when my psychology studies left me with so little time that I skipped ALL my self-care practices and melted into a sticky puddle. It doesn't mean I'm no less a woman, less than capable: far from it. My mental health experiences make me much stronger ... and I'd like to think, a nicer human being, too.

The WonderWoman look is a fabulous look, but do we really need to wear her cape all the time? After all, Lynda never wore her cape 24/7, so why on earth should we? 

And just LOOK at WonderWoman. She's 77 years old: seriously, there's no way she'd look like that if she kept her cape on all the time!

I say it's time to drop the ball, my lovelies. Drop the cape too ... instead, make sure that you put at least 15 minutes into your diary each day for some nurturing time for yourself.

Yes! each and every single day of the week, Monday through to Sunday. Maybe your idea of self-care is to have an uninterrupted bath while reading a chapter of The Muse by Jessie Burton (brilliant book, by the way!), or to head into your local garden nursery to drool over the colourful primroses that beckon ... even if its just a few moments of colouring-in or doodling while you wait for the potatoes to come to the boil. Creating time for these small breaks for self-care in your day is essential for your health (physical, mental and spiritual) ... try it, you'll see!

And make #timetotalk today ... by being open, we help to deconstruct the prejudices that surround mental health and make it a little less scary.

We'll be sharing a few new creative play workshops (some will also be on-demand) over the next few months here in Express Your Curve, all designed to help nurture and nourish your self-care practices ... so do sign up for our newsletter, which will be shared each week whenever we have something newsworthy and fabulous to share with you. 

But for now, I wish you a beautiful day ... it's time for me to get a nice stretch of walking done on this gorgeous winter morning before I sit back down and do another hard day of psychology assignment writing.  Living the dream, even 'tho it's not quite the idyllic fairytale I had in mind, to be sure.

Remember: it's time to be all of you xx

Wise words from Davina McCall, a lady who really does walk her talk ...

Wise words from Davina McCall, a lady who really does walk her talk ...

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