Celebrating Fearless Choices (and raising money for Girls on the Run)


When did you last say YES?

When did you last make a fearless choice that changed your life?

Barbara Krauss asked this question to women all over the world, and their stories of fearless choices are told in this book. "At its core, a fearless choice is simply about saying yes." 

In this Fearless Choices, women tell their stories by sharing their own raw, heartfelt voices together with Krauss' own personal reflections, to create a dance of honest discovery.

Back and forth, the stories and reflections move across the pages in a tenacious tango. 

Today, Monday 4th December 2017, is the beginning of Fearless Choices Week: a time for women to reflect on the experiential immersion of fearlessness through the power of sharing their own personal stories. 

Join Barbara tomorrow, Tuesday 5th December, for a free online gathering to celebrate the launch of 'Fearless Choices: An Expose on the Power of Saying YES.'

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All proceeds from sales of Fearless Choices this week, during Fearless Choices week, will be donated to the Girls on the Run charity.


PS ... My story can be read on page 7 of Fearless Choices, titled Sacred Spiritual Goddess


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