A Woman's Wings

A Woman's Wings (For Susan) 
by Marney K. Makridakis

What happens when a woman
whose cocoon was so tight
she never thought she could breathe
finds her wings? 
wild copper mirror image magic carpets
and they shined so bright
they even made the sun envious

What happens when this woman
has peeled away so many layers
and layers under those
that her tender skin has become
like parchment paper
dyed by watercolor tears
aged by years
more valuable than ever

What happens when this woman
flew in the sky
and flew a bit too high
but then found a place to land
a nice wall to lean against
support of faith and knowing
and not only that
this wall's got her groove all over it

So what happens when she has already
done all of this
what can she possibly do next? 

She grows a second set of wings of course
do you know how rare it is
to have two sets of wings? 
but these wings are different than the first
this pair are malleable, formable, 
twistable, turnable wings to take her
wherever she wants with
precision steering and decision cheering

This time it's less about magic
than it is about choosing and
these bendy beady wings just can't wait
to see where they get to fly

(c) Marney K. Makridakis, 2011 - www.artellaland.com

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