8 reasons why people who love to dance, don't.

Once upon a time, there were people who loved to dance ... but didn't.

  • Some believed they had no natural rhythm.
  • Some believed their physical health issues were insurmountable.
  • Some believed they were too fat, too ungainly.
  • Some believed they did not have a suitable dance class nearby.
  • Some believed that dancing meant learning routines: too complicated.
  • Some believed they had couldn't go alone without a friend: too scary.
  • Some believed they had to have the latest yoga-style workout gear.
  • Some believed they just did not have have the confidence to attend ANY class.

Perhaps this was (is?) you. Perhaps only one of the 8 reasons (above) is a good enough reason for you not to dance. Perhaps all 8 reasons resonate with you ... but hang on to your swirling skirts, for we are on a mission to get everyone up and dancing!

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I wonder: have you ever heard of free-form dancing? Maybe you are wondering what happens? What to wear? What shapes to throw? What is it? What can it do for you? Could you keep up with the class?

Well, this is something I wanted to find out: what did people really think about wellbeing classes (including yoga, meditation and free-form dance); what were their beliefs and blocks? Did they believe one of the 8 reasons applied to them - or maybe all of them?

This was not out of idle curiosity: you see, we're excited to be launching an online, live-streaming studio offering Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation and Laughter Yoga classes in Autumn 2016. A natural solution for bringing my long-time experience of running online classes together with my 'teacher' hats to a global audience!

So I asked. And if the respondees were intrigued by the questionnaire, they could leave their email address to find out more; one lucky email address would be chosen (by an online randomiser app) to receive a thank-you gifty through the mail, after the closing date of 3rd August 2016.

The results are in, the lucky email address has been chosen and gifty despatched ... and I hope the results (below) will inspire you to join us for our

The questionnaire asked four very simple questions ... and here are the answers!

Question 1: What times would you choose to take part in wellbeing classes, such as yoga, meditation, free-form dance / movement classes? 

  • 7pm-9pm received the biggest percentage of responses: 36%
  • 8-10am came in at a fairly close second, with 30% of people selecting this early-bird time of day
  • 10am-12noon and 2-5pm came in at joint third place, with 27% of people selecting these times

CreaTEAvity: due to personal schedule constraints, the Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation online classes will launch with a regular Wednesday morning slot at 10.00am (1 hour), UK time, and occasional Saturdays subject to demand, so please DO let us know what works for you - and what you want!

Question 2: How do you feel about taking part in wellbeing classes whilst in the comfort of your own homes?

Yay! I was cock-a-hoop with the response:

  • 64% were really excited and up for it
  • 21% were intrigued ... as well you may be, too!

CreaTEAvity: what can I say? I am SO excited that you are intrigued and up for new adventures!


Question 3: What kind of questions pop up for you, when you think of taking part in these kind of classes? (multiple options could be selected)

  • 58% - how much cheaper is this option (exercising from home)?
  • 48% - how does it work?
  • 42% - do I need special equipment to take part?
  • 42% - is it safe to take part if I have health issues?
  • 33% - can I do private 1:1 classes with a teacher (or with friends)?
  • 30% - I don't think I have enough space in my home to do it
  • 24% - can anyone else see me exercising?

CreaTEAvity: I will keep this is as brief as I can, but if you have ANY questions or queries, please call or email me, as that's exactly why I am here.

  • Exercising from home - a cheaper alternative? If you attend classes where you need to pay parking charges, pay monthly gym fees, wear the latest exercise gear, then yes - it probably is a cheaper alternative. BUT what CreaTEAvity is offering you is an online class experience that you can tap into from wherever you are in the world ALONG with a supportive, private online community space for you to share your experiences AND with a highly-intuitive teacher who is devoted to giving you the very best support and care from a professional perspective, and who is a qualified therapist and healer (since 2004). What you will gain from taking part in regular classes is something that you just cannot put a price on - I promise you!
  • How does it work? The class schedule will be listed on our Playdates page and our online scheduling page: simply select and book. You will be given a link to our online studio, which uses the Zoom.us platform. A reminder will be sent to you 24 hours before your class is scheduled to begin; you just click on the link in your email confirmation and reminder a few minutes ahead of time to join the class. You will see me on the main screen, and your fellow class attendees will also be showing in small boxes at the top of the screen. You can join our online studio from a computer, iPad, smartphone or stream to your TV if you have this facility. You do NOT need to be techy to do this! (Please note: more detailed information will be available on our Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation page shortly) Very important: live classes are NOT recorded, for health & safety reasons. 
  • Do I need special equipment to take part? None whatsoever. Just some way of viewing the live-streaming class from our online studio, and some space to move. We ask that you wear comfy clothes that you are happy to move in, and either wear shoes with grips (such as trainers) or be barefoot, if your flooring is suitable.
  • Is it safe to take part if I have health issues? All class attendees must complete a comprehensive form before they attend their first class; specific health issues may mean it's not appropriate for you at the moment, or you may need to seek medical advice from your GP or practitioner. What I can say is that BOTH forms of exercise (the Chakra Dancing and Laughter Yoga) are versatile and highly adaptable, which can be done seated. Even sitting or laying still, listening and allowing your body to respond the Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation CDs, are very healing. So please do not think that health issues will prevent you from joining in; it may well not be the case. I am very happy to chat with you if you have any lingering concerns.
  • Can I do private 1:1 classes with a teacher (or with friends)? Yes, of course. Full details will be on our Chakra Dancing & Laughter Yoga pages imminently: you can choose to have them with you, sharing the same space, or we can organise a private class which only you and your friends take part in. I am also very happy to organise or facilitate in-person classes for you, within reasonable (1 hour) travelling distance from South West London, or further afield for 1-day, 2-day and retreats (UK, Europe and USA). 
  • I don't think I have enough space in my home to do it. Haha! You will see, when you join me for a live class, that I dance in my loft room 'studio' which is smaller than your average living room/lounge area ... all you need is a space to move which is free from objects you will bump into, or trip over. Some of our attendees also dance in their garden, or even out in a secluded area of local parks or woodland!  
  • Can anyone else see me exercising? The practical answer is 'Yes' BUT ... BUT ... BUT! in terms of Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation classes, we're going to be very much focusing on our body's responses to the music: you certainly won't be watching me, and so for sure, you won't be watching the tiny boxes on the screen of your fellow attendees ... and vice versa.
  • PS. Children of all ages LOVE to take part in Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation or Laughter Yoga classes; it's safe and very healthy for all ages! We respectfully request that you have completed a minimum of 6 classes before deciding whether it would be suitable for your children to also attend.


Question 4:  What kind of price would you pay for a 1 hour class, in a small group?  (multiple options could be selected)

  • 45% chose £5 - £7
  • 36% chose £3 - £5
  • 30% thought a discount for buying class passes was a great idea!
  • 21% chose £9 - £11
  • 15% chose £7 - £9

CreaTEAvity: It was heartening to see 81% of respondees choosing £7+ for a one-hour class that will be streamed live into your own space, for your convenience. This has really helped to formulate our pricing - and yes! We will be offering options to purchase class passes for a discount, or to gift to a friend!

  • Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation classes (1 hour) - £9 per class
  • Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation classes (2 hours) - £16 per class
  • Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation classes (local, 1 hour) - £11 per class
  • Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation classes (local, 2 hours) - £20 per class

So ... which of the 8 reasons for not dancing resonated most with you, dear reader? [you may find our recent article, 5 ways to freedom #bereal, of interest]

AND Will you dare to come join the fun? I DO hope so!

But if you're still feeling a little bit unsure, let's have a chat and get you feeling more at ease? I'll pop the kettle on ... 

PPS ... our lucky winner was

Lucky Winner of the Wellbeing Class prize August 2016 CreaTEAvity

Please join us in congratulating our winner, Clair, selected by the online randomizer app. We were delighted to receive this fabulous video from Clair who is the powerhouse behind Seekers Social EnterpriZe #CIC (also known as Seekers Create) - thank you SO much! It's wonderful - and I do hope you enjoy having fun with your handpainted Permission Spoon and handcrafted diffuser pendant!

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