YogiTea-licious Surprises + Teacups of Joy

Once upon a time ... there was a girl who loved tea. All kinds of tea - Yorkshire Tea, builders tea, herbal tea, flower tea. And she loooooooooooved taking part in decadent afternoon tea adventures.

She built her whole business based upon the joy of relaxing with a piping hot cuppa, indulging in a whole range of expressive arts and creative play, ranging from art, ARTsignments™ and crafty stuff to laughter yoga and free-flow dance.

So just IMAGINE how excited she was when a YogiTea hamper arrived on her doorstep one cool, overcast summer morn!

The YogiTea hamper included a range of beautifully-decorated YogiTeas, a special Limited Edition cup with the yummilicious YogiTea Classic blend, iced-tea lolly-stick maker (I KNOW! Imagine!), recipe cards a supercool glass beaker for iced-teas ... now if we could just have some warm weather and sunshine, that might get an outing this year.

We're very excited about trying these new YogiTea blends ... and if they taste as good as they smell, you will also be able to enjoy them, too, when you next book one of our special creative coaching packages*.  

*whisper* if you seem to be experiencing a l'il bit of trouble viewing the video (above) then please do take a look at the video here: Instagram


We especially love YogiTEA's commitment to social responsibility, their ethos and philosophy (a big 'thing' for us at CreaTEAvity) so please do take some time to have a browse of their website and maybe you'd also like to take YogiTea's free Dosha online test, to check your particular Ayurvedic constitution type.  (I tested as Pitta - no surprise there!)

OK, enough of the chatter, as we're off to explore the wonderful world of tea cocktails and mocktails as we busy ourselves with preparing exciting playdates  ... 

Tell us: what is YOUR favourite blend of YogiTea (or any tea, for that matter!) ... pop your blend in the comments section below!

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