Creative celebrations with Laughter Yoga

At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities
— Jean Houston

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This week is a wonderful week in the UK because guess what?

Yay!!!!!! This week is National Laughter Week ... oh yes, it is!

So what better way to get into the mood for National Laughter Week, than to laugh?!

Last week, Callie joined a group of wonderful ladies in Surrey for their 8 year anniversary of training together. Every week, these ladies meet up and are put through their paces by their personal trainer ... and they like to celebrate each training anniversary with doing something a little bit different.

Laughter Yoga was this year's "something different" ... and you know you're in for a hilarious time when you arrive early and the ladies fire random guesses at you, as they scoot round the circuit. With no props, I piqued their interest. I certainly don't look like an archetypal fitness trainer - being on the curvy side, to put it politely - 'tho I had a good go round the circuits with them, for all of 8 minutes. 'Psychiatrist' and 'knitting circle' were my two favourite guesses *giggle*

The weather was cold and gloomy; although the rain held off, the skies were a dismal mottled grey ... but that would not put us off. Oh No! After all, we had our very own portable sunshine to bring to the park! Only two of the participants had heard of Laughter Yoga, but they all seemed up for something different and quite unperturbed that we were in a very public place *haha*

The private Laughter Yoga session was a wonderfully-unusual and very creative way to celebrate an anniversary, and the feedback was unexpectedly fabulous. As a tailor-made experience, it can be quite nerve-wracking to rock up to a group of people that have NO idea who you are, or what you are going to do with them, but this was such a fun morning that I fell in love with all of them (awwww).

The ladies - and their brave personal trainer! - really did enjoy a fun workout; they laughed lots and left incredibly relaxed by the laughter meditation and yoga nidra experience. What took them by surprise was just how much our bodies FEEL the laughter, which makes it a very active form of exercise that can be ramped up or toned down to suit ... and definitely not as as taxing as press-ups and circuit training! 

PS I am feeling pretty confident that 'Every Little Cell In My Body Is Happy' is being sung in a few showers across Surrey this week, too *haha*

So you see: Laughter is a fabulously-portable tool that can be used in a never-ending procession of ways ... please do get in touch with me if you'd like to discuss Laughter Yoga and its versatility for your OWN groups or business!

And do please take a look at what is happening this week across the UK to celebrate National Laughter Week 2006:

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