Artist Playdates: Altered Book Art

Once upon a time ... in Merton Abbey Mills, London, there was a studio called Object Book. And in Object Book sat an Artist in Residence, who loves all things to do with books.

Aha! Did someone mention BOOKS? I LOOOOOOOVE books! I love to read them, love to just sit and hold them - hey, have you ever been to Gladstone Library? On my gosh, what a fabulous place that is - you must visit if you are ever near to Chester, as it's just over the border from there into North Wales.

Anyhoo, I discovered quite by chance (thank you, Facebook) that Object Book have scheduled a heavenly host of hands-on workshops this Summer.

Hansel & Gretel by Linda Toigo

Hansel & Gretel by Linda Toigo

One of those workshops was an Introduction to Altered Book Art, with tuition and guidance from artist Linda Toigo. Well, there was nothing else for it. I had to book me a place (no pun intended)!

Confession: I have long admired book artists such as Su Blackwell, Brian Dettmer and Lucille Moroni. However, the nearest I have ever come to altering books is what you've seen in 'Rough 'n Ready Art Journalling'. But a girl has to begin somewhere ... and so I did.

Here is my mini pictoral sojourn, as I learnt new tools and techniques while turning books into beautiful objet d'art, listening to artists sharing stories as we carved, cut and breathed life into our old books:

(if the Steller video is not working for you, please view here: A bookish playdate)

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