Create a new life for yourself with creative coaching sessions (a very special offer)

Once upon a time ... an ARTbundance Creativity Coach was born (well, graduated!). The very next day, she was knocked off her perch by the discovery of a malignant lump. But she hopped back on her perch and for the last five years, she continued to share her vision for inspiring adults to transform their lives through the power of creative play, whilst healing herself with magic from her creative toolbox.


That's half price to transform the whole of you. Don't just take my word for it, here's what others say: Notes of Appreciation from our happy clients

From Wednesday 25th May - Wednesday 8th June 2016, simply choose from

  • DREAMER - £44 (usually £88) [Buy Now]
  • BELIEVER - £122 (usually £244) [Buy Now
  • SEEKER (1 month Intensive) - £166 (usually £333) [Buy Now
  • CREATOR (3 months Intensive) - £444 (usually £888) [Buy Now

and then schedule your first session with Callie, your ARTbundance creativity coach.:

[Today we celebrate 5 inspiring years as an ARTbundance creativity coach ... and completing our first year university studies as a mature BSc (Hons) Psychology student! Paaaaaarty on!]

CreaTEAvity Your Life is Your Message

No matter what you do in life, no matter what challenges and adventures you face, we know that our kind of creativity coaching WILL inspire you to take bold, brilliant steps and transform your world. 

You see, when we play together with the ARTbundance toolkit, we're here to show you how to use powerful tools: not create masterpieces. The empowerment comes through the process, not the end product … but if you do create a masterpiece, we’ll encourage you to keep doing it! *hehe*

Choose one of our creative coaching sessions and you will enjoy a powerful, brilliantly-playful, highly-experiential sessions using a variety of inspiring techniques and tools, include Laughter Yoga exercises, ARTsignments™ and journalling, all of which are intuitively selected for the work we do together in our session. You will also indulge in moodling, doodling + deep excavating work but guided and nurtured in a playful way.

So if you are seeking 

  • a creative coach who specialises in transformation work? Someone who blends the spiritual, emotional + physical with a splash of reality + sparkle + lots of laughter? 
  • a creative coach who understands a creative, entrepreneurial mindset, yet can help move you past those seemingly-insurmountable-blocks by using artful exercises? 
  • a creative coach who can show you how to unravel the mysteries of social media strategy, getting it to work for you and your business even ‘tho you have not-a-clue how it works, or where to begin?

There is no time like the present - go on, taking advantage of our fabulous half-price offers!

CELEBRATE with us!

  • DREAMER session - £44 (usually £88) [Buy Now]
  • BELIEVER package - £122 (usually £244) [Buy Now
  • SEEKER (1 month Intensive) - £166 (usually £333) [Buy Now
  • CREATOR (3 months Intensive) - £444 (usually £888) [Buy Now

then schedule your first session with Callie. 

Maybe you just don’t know WHAT you seek? That's ok! Perhaps the idea of a cup of tea + artful exercises + laughter into your world can tempt you to action right now.

Yes, we know that our style of coaching isn’t for the faint-hearted: after all, we’re here to make changes. Together. We will get you working - yes, indeedy! But we promise to always make it fun and playfull, while being full supported, seen and heard. 

And if you don't want to play, or if the idea of playing horrifies you, then you will be better off with a different type of coach, or facilitator - and that’s ok, too! 

So, are you ready to push yourself out of that comfort zone? To try something a little different?  Are you ready to join us in celebrating 5 years of creativity coaching and profound healing experiences?

Oh we DOOOOO hope so!

Please kindly note: our celebration offer runs from Wednesday 25th May - Wednesday 8th June 2016, 6pm UK (BST). Payments are made via PayPal; exchange rates for those outside of the UK are set by PayPal and are converted automatically. All coaching sessions and packages must be taken and completed by 30th September 2016. No refunds will be given for sessions that are not taken by 30th September 2016. All other terms and conditions are as per our usual coaching T+Cs.

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