Creative Challenge April '16: creative-play your way to win a 3-month Believer coaching package!

Ah! Spring is here: such a beautiful season filled with rich promises of delights to come. Along with the buds on the trees, and new shoots pushing up through the slowly-warming earth, we are thrilled to unveil CreaTEAvity's new online home ... TA DA!

Of course, we could not let this big moment pass by unnoticed. That would be very rude of us! So what we would love to offer you, dear reader, is an opportunity to dive in and sample a little of what we do at CreaTEAvity:

@@how would you like to win a Believer creative coaching bundle - just by indulging in a l'il creative-play?@@

In Spring 2011, I (Callie) graduated as an ARTbundance™coach and practitioner. [Oh wow! Another milestone celebration - 5 years!] 

This fabulously-flexible, creative, inspiring and dynamic transformational coaching concept has, at its heart, 9 ARTbundance™ Principles and self-discovery tools called ARTsignments™. 

  • ARTsignments™ are unique creative play-tools, enabling you to explore, expand and focus your imagination and intuition; they are used together with
  • ARTsignments™ Principles, nine keywords which offer an insightful way to illuminate your path - and trigger powerful life changes, fast.

🐞 The nine ARTbundance™ Principles are:

Gratitude, Intuition, Balance, Choice, Vision, Action, Attraction, Connection, and Service

How you can enter the Challenge

It's so easy ... and it's open to anyone, anywhere in the world!

  1. Enter your details into the Challenge form (below)
  2. I will then send you an ARTsignment™ especially chosen for you to play with. This is your 'Challenge'!
  3. Once you have completed the ARTsignment™, your Challenge entry will then be entered into the competition* to win a Believer coaching package with CreaTEAvity: 3 full Creative Coaching sessions over 3 months, valued at £244. 

PS If you would just like to play with an ARTsignment™ and experience it for yourself, and not enter the Challenge, that's perfect too!

the winner will be announced on FRIDAY 6th May 2016

So get your colouring pens and paper ready ... let the Challenge BEGIN!!

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Enter here if the embedded entry form is not showing on your device: CREATIVE CHALLENGE (APRIL 2016)

** Please kindly note: your entries are being processed by a human (me!)

If you enter between Saturday 9th - Wednesday 13th April, please be aware that you will receive a reply + your specially-selected ARTsignment on Thursday 14th April, which will still give you lots of time to play before the Challenge ends 30th April! Thank you for your kind understanding.

🐞TIME REQUIRED: The ARTsignments™ can take anything from 5 minutes to … forever!*hehe* Some artful exercises may need a little more work but on average, our clients take anything from 15 minutes to 3 days to complete their ARTsignments™.  We also use smaller discovery tools, known as Archaeology ARTsignments™, which take 2 - 5 minutes.

🐞TOOLS REQUIRED: As a minimum for your sessions, you may like to have to hand: plain paper, a notebook (for journalling or recording your thoughts), coloured pens, pencils, crayons or chalk, scissors, some form of glue for collage work, and a folder to keep ephemera in for future projects. In other words, raid the children’s art areas in low-cost stores! Over time, you may find yourself building up a box filled with buttons, collage pictures from magazines, ribbon, string, leaves … all kinds of lovely things that attract you. PS: We are keen to promote environmentally-friendly practices, and so delighted in using recycled papers to work with.

* in order to meet the Challenge requirements, please kindly email me an image of your product (what you created, which could be a drawing, a figure, a collage, anything!), and share a little about how you felt before, during and after the process (completing the ARTsignment™). By taking part in the Challenge, all participants are giving CreaTEAvity permission to use their images for promotion purposes. ARTsignments™are suitable for any age, however the Challenge is only open to those age 18+ (coaching ethics).

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