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[Online] Bliss Out

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Would you like to learn how to give yourself care, rest, and fun, playful times, become energised AND enjoy your downtime? 

Krista Giffin interviewed over twenty empowered, successful women on how they put themselves first and created their ideal life, by adding more FUN, PLAY, and SELF-CARE to their schedule.

In this series or recorded interviews, you’ll learn:

  • How to make time for yourself (even if you think you have none)
  • Follow your intuition to your ideal path
  • Connect to your feminine essence
  • Put yourself first (without taking away from others)
  • Why Fun, Play, and Self-Care is VITAL and not just frivolous
  • How to get started from right where you are

Get access to this free event and start nourishing yourself by adding fun, play, and self-care right away: free access ends 13th March 2018

Register for free to access Bliss Out: Using Fun, Play, and Self-Care to Create a Life You Love!

Please kindly note: this event is not in any way affiliated with, or organised by, Express Your Curve. It is shared purely for information purposes only.

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