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[Online class] Cooking with essential oils

  • Online with Express Your Curve (map)

If you have ever used herbs, spices or citrus fruits in your kitchen … you’ll love this mini-class, where we show you how versatile pure essential oils are when it comes to cooking and making nourishing meals for you and your family.

Discovering how to use essential oils into cooking, baking, juicing, raw foods and salad dressings revolutionised my confidence in the kitchen. I’d love to show you how you, too, can add zest to your culinary creations with these little bottles of nature’s magic - and a little goes a long, long way.

In this mini-class, I’ll share with you:

  • quick and simple recipe ideas
  • how essential oils are far better flavourings than any synthetic flavourings and additives
  • just how little you really need to enhance your dishes
  • my personal favourites for using in cooking and baking
  • why the purity of essential oils is essential
  • Cooking with Essential Oils ebook (20 pages)
  • Cooking with Essential Oils infographic
  • recipe resources (where to find them)

Who is it for?

Anyone who is interested in cooking and is intrigued by the idea of using pure essential oils in this way: no experience or training required, just an open heart and an inquisitive mind.

Why attend?

This class will share with you recipes, and safe usage in your kitchen.

Who will be delivering the online class?

Your mini-class will be hosted by Callie Carling, a qualified integrated therapist and expressive arts facilitator at Express Your Curve. With almost three decades of experience in using aromatherapy and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils for emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing, she will make sure you leave the class feeling uplifted and empowered. 100% information, 0% hard-sell throughout the class.

Why is this mini-class free?

We dearly wish for everyone to the versatility of pure essential oils: by offering these mini-classs online, Callie is able to share her passion and knowledge widely. A great way to begin your cooking adventures is with a bottle of Lemon essential oil, or a small Essential Cooking kit (limited availability), which are available to purchase separately through our online shop - all to be experienced from the comfort of your own home.

What if I want to learn more about essential oils?

Callie offers a variety of online classes, in-person classes and 1:1 consultations, in addition to offering online courses: get in touch with her through her website,

If, within 72 hours of this class, you choose to book a class (for your friends, family, colleagues or community), or purchase an enrolment kit (as part of registering a new wholesale member or Wellness Advocate account), Callie has some lovely thank-you gifts waiting for you.

Terms & Conditions

  • You will receive your login details via email at least 48 hours before the class takes place
  • Our online classes are held on the platform: please kindly ensure you have installed Zoom on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone in good time before the playshop begins. For help with the Zoom platform, please refer to: Getting Started
  • All playshops will start promptly at the scheduled time
  • Playshops are not recorded
  • We reserve the right to remove participants from our online conference room, if (by way of actions or words) are being disruptive, intimidating or aggressive to the host and/or fellow participants. (It has never happened yet!)
  • Thank-you gifts apply only for (a) new accounts opened with enrolment kits, with Callie as sponsor and enroller; (b) classes booked with Callie for a set date, which go ahead with a minim um of 6 attendees