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The Artist's Way Circle: 12 Weeks to Creative Confidence

Have you ever heard heard of something called the Morning Pages? Or taken yourself off on something called an Artist’s Date? (if your answer is No, it doesn’t matter … please keep reading!).

Join us in January 2019 and rediscover the joys of The Artist's Way.

The Artist’s Way Circle: 12 Weeks to Creative Confidence

We’ll read a chapter each week, sharing our adventures as we go, learning new techniques and exercises to help you gain a greater level of self-confidence when it comes to harnessing your creative talents and skills.

Written by Julia Cameron a long ago, this book has stood the test of time. Designed to help you discover and recover your creative self, many of us have got a copy lurking in somewhere - maybe unread, maybe forgotten about.

It’s time to dust off your copy and join us for 12 weeks of creative adventure!

PS … it’s free to join us!

How The Artist’s Way Circle will work:

  1. Dust off your copy of The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron (or grab a second-hand copy, or ask your friend who's copy is propping up their wonky-legged coffee table)

  2. Read the Intro chapters anytime before Sunday 6th January 2019

  3. Join our ‘Express Your Curve Studio’ (it’s free, private and not on Facebook): then come over to our Artist's Way Circle

  4. Start reading Chapter 1 on Monday 7th January 2019, and as we go through each week, share your thoughts on the weekly threads in the Artist's Way Circle

  5. Congratulate yourself on getting 2019 off to a fabulously creative, fuss-free, resolution-free start!