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Spectrum 2016 : 22-week online multi-media workshop + community

Spectrum 2016: Holistic Creative Journaling and more

Get ready to join Hali Karla and 45 amazing teachers + artists for the Spectrum 2016 creative extravaganza: a 22-week online multi-media workshop and community - for just $97!

(approx. £67 - wow, that's the equivalent of 1 lonesome Costa mocha each week!)

Beginning on Monday 2nd May 2016, you will receive weekly inspiration and exclusive classes in a wide variety of artistic expressions and processes.

These weekly classes will serve to nurture, spark and expand the ways in which you explore your heart’s truth, how you choose to honour your expressive nature and how you wish to engage with your soul’s own calling.

Spectrum 2016 will gift you:

  • 20 all new, in-depth mixed-media / journaling lessons from the brilliant and inspiring 2016 featured guest teachers
  • 10+ new bonus offerings, lessons and invitations to keep your inspiration flowing, from a spectacular group of returning contributors
  • at least 3 creative practice lessons with Spectrum organiser, Hali Karla, to help you begin your Spectrum journey, keep it fun and sustaining, and wrap it up with closure and vision
  • Access to more than 15 of the popular lessons from previous years, to re-visit or spark your journaling practice – also from Spectrum 2015's 25 returning contributors

begins Monday 2nd May 2016

+ new content released weekly for 22 weeks!

Here's a teensy preview of some of the great teachers who will be sharing creative tools and insights with you:

  • Heart Beat … with Andrea Schroeder
  • Mythic Listening + Ancestral Healing … with Cat Caracelo
  • The Way In: Journaling Your Internal Landscape … with Effy Wild
  • Good Medicine: The Art of Falling Apart … with Kristina “Kitty” Oppegard
  • Mother Tree: The Art of Seeing the Forest and the Trees … with Meghan Genge
  • Dive Deep Decide Dedicate and Devote … with Shelley Klammer
  • Calm from Chaos … with Tara Leaver