... sharing a small selection of our notes of appreciation, love-notes, testimonials & thank-you's from our clients

I totally believe in you and your work! You have the uncannily ability to turn someone (my life; my world) around … I was feeling lost, hopeless confused and frustrated and you brought me back to a vision of freedom and enthusiasm and filled my heart and mind with promise, hope and motivation and ACTION!

I will always be grateful and treasure your coaching sessions. YOU are my cheerleader. Thank you for bringing LOVE and inspiration into my life again!
— A*, USA

… you’re a terrific coach and I love the way you’ve helped me find a framework for hearing and receiving inspiration
— J*, UK
(Callie) shifted me completely out of my funk. Thank you for opening my mind to new thoughts and for your valuable instruction ...
WOW, did we really get through so much? I am feeling a lot lighter, thank you so much, you are such a tonic
— S*, UK
I am simply in awe about your commitment level, and your attention to detail in every uplifting message! It has been such a rewarding journey with you … I am blessed to know you, to have been coached by you. You are wise for your years and I am in deep gratitude!
I will never forget you. You were so bubbly and offering so much advice and support in that workshop. You’re a star
— FS, UK
You are such a giver
— LM, UK

This week I have been on the most amazing CreaTEAvity business retreat in Brighton with the amazing Callie Carling. We have worked hard and played hard. She has helped me break through some ENORMOUS blocks to success in my business and I cannot begin to thank her enough
— KB (CCC), UK
(You are) artful-inventive-creative … (my session with you) was abundant in every way!!! I also especially liked the way you married my love of words in a simple process where I would add art work … interactively! You are an incredible communicator

Thank you, Callie, for being insightful, ever-present, loving, and throwing useful new things in there for me
— K*, UK
Callie really listened to me and quickly got to what I needed – balance. I felt heard and cared about
— T*, USA

Callie IS my fairy godmother. She has reignited the spark within me to help me be all that I can be and take my business to the next level. Using her whimsical touch I have been reminded that work IS play and I now have a vivid vision of what I can achieve. I feel like I have been in a slumber for so long and she has awoken me and given me the get up and go I need to fulfil my goals. Thank you Callie for being you

Ode To Callie

Callie is a super lady with her great big smile
Shining through that sweet voice – makes you want to chat awhile!
You can line yourself up to get the answers you might seek
With this Cosmic Force who adeptly transforms the meek!

Oh, Independence Days’ or New Years’ fireworks beauty
Can’t possibly sparkle more than Callie, the Cutie!
She’s innovative, performing rather brilliantly –
Perfect for a cuppa delicious CreaTEAvity!

There’s something awesome about her let’s call “the Callie Factor” –
She’s a catalyst, an IDEA-mate, a real Truth Enactor!
Callie’s eager to help and keeps the energy flowing –
No matter what the weather, she keeps the sunlight glowing!

A prism and Callie are so similar in essence –
Full of reflecting colors and dancing effervescence!
She’s a laughing Genii Muse delightful to work with or know –
Callie – Energy’s Virtuoso, our Magical Maestro!
Peggy S. Lynn, 2013

With infinite gratitude to dear Peggy for the most unusual testimonial and joyous poem I have ever read (much less received, or had written about me!).

Feedback from 'Creative Synergy' social media training

I loved your teleclass and it prompted me to do a lot of inner work and I emerged after two days with a new reframed perspective
… your teleclass was truly amazing. I just love it so so much! You are a great presenter and the information was very valuable
Your enthusiasm for social media is infectious
… well-paced stream of really interesting information … Your presentation WAS dynamite!
I really enjoyed your talk, it was a lovely introduction to social networking and its language … I liked the way you got us to look at our attitudes/feelings about the different platforms and choose one that makes us excited – building motivation; and the worksheets you did to help that. It helped to link outer technology with the inner world … THANK YOU for a really useful presentation

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