Did you know ... your body doesn't know the difference between real +fake laughter?

It's true!

Laughter Yoga (Hasya Yoga) is based on this single scientific fact. As a natural form of aerobic exercise, Laughter Yoga is an amazing tool that to keep in your wellbeing toolbox-for-life that uses simple yogic breathing and exercises to

  • release physical and emotional stresses
  • strengthen your immune system
  • radiate positive energy
  • provide a natural physical outlet for stress and grief
  • improve your relationships 
  • breathe more deeply, and 
  • laugh more freely, spontaneously!

Laughter Yoga exercises are simple to learn - and very easy to use - and opens up your mind, body and soul to laughter and whole-self wellbeing!  By taking part in Laughter Yoga exercises, you can indulge in 

  • sustained laughter, which tickles our cells and releases endorphins (those delicious feelgood 'happy' chemicals!)
  • delivering oxygen throughout your body without any expensive equipment, fancy clothes or footwear
  • a fun workout without bendy-stuff or crazy-poses - unless you choose to do them!

Laughter Yoga Principles

  • anyone can laugh! No need for you to have a sense of humour, know jokes or perform comedy routines
  • you do not need to be happy to laugh - the Laughter Yoga exercises trick your body into believing you are a happy, and then you become happy!
  • you do not need a reason to laugh - as above
  • you can train your body and mind to laugh at will, with a bit of regular practice
  • Laughter Yoga is a fabulous cost-effective, portable and adaptable form of exercise

... please read on to find out more about what we offer as a Laughter Yogi!

Hasya (laughter) Yoga Sessions: Online + Local

Coming in Autumn 2017: Join us for our online Hasya (Laughter) Yoga in an interactive group format! Get in touch with Callie and she'll let you know when FitSwarm (our online platform provider) has made amendments to the platform to enable us to host Hasya Yoga!

In addition to Hasya (Laughter) Yoga classes, we also offer Hasya (Laughter) Yoga Disco sessions, blending together Laughter Yoga exercises, music + dance. Great fun + brilliant at burning excess energy + calories!

If you would like to invite us to host your own Hasya Yoga, Hasya Yoga Disco or Laughter Wellness session (min. 12 people, subject to geographical location), please get in touch with Callie. She is happy to host one-off sessions or regular sessions at your location.

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader (CLYL) Training

If you like the idea of leading laughter sessions, this is the perfect training for you.

On this two-day certified training programme, you will:

  • learn the basic facilitation skills of how to lead a group of people through a laughter session and meditation
  • learn the history, concept, philosophy and different steps of Laughter Yoga and meditations

At the end of the two-day training you will be certified as Laughter Yoga Leaders. This will enable you to lead laughter sessions in a variety of place - anywhere else your personal interest lies. Schools, community clubs and residential care homes are also great places to share Laughter Yoga. You will also be guided as to how to integrate this with any other professional modalities.

Your trainer is Callie Carling, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher (CLYT) who trained with the UK's Master Trainer in 2012.

  • 2 days or 4 half-days
  • Training fee: £222* per person
  • Training dates: Please contact Callie if you wish to arrange a training date, either for yourself or on behalf of a group

Your training fee includes: Certification and a Laughter Yoga manual. Ongoing mentoring and support is also available.

Callie Carling has a big dream: to bring Laughter Yoga into the cancer community - led by patients + carers

Callie was diagnosed with a rare, highly aggressive cancer back in 2011. She went on to train as a Laugher Yoga Teacher in 2012, soon after completing treatment, and has a unique understanding of the specialist needs of cancer communities.

Callie also offers a unique perspective to the cancer community when it comes to Laughter Yoga sessions and training: she still under the care of her Oncology team + recently was a close family carer and supporter.

Please note: you may need to obtain a Disclosure and Barring (DCS) check to offer volunteer or paid laughter sessions in specific sectors. Further information may be found here: Gov.UK DBS

COMING SOON - Lively Laughers (Laugh Alone) : 8 week online course 

The Lively Laughers (Laugh Alone) online course is perfect if you wish to bring more joy and laughter into your world but may be unable to take part in regular laughter sessions in their community, for whatever reason.

The Lively Laughers (Laugh Alone) online course is also a perfect choice if you are shy, or if you are facing enormous stress or feel very down and lacking in energy; it is also perfect for you if you have physical challenges, are dealing with chronic health issues or are bedridden. (Yes, you really can laugh while you are in bed; Laughter Yoga is incredibly adaptable to all physical situations!)

You will be part of a circle of Lively Laughers, who will - if you wish - help to keep you motivated and inspired, along with your Laughter Yoga Teacher, Callie. The aim of the Lively Laughers (Laugh Alone) online course is to help you work out your own personalised laughter plan, while taking part in an online group laughter yoga session each week and building up your laughter skills.

  • Week 1: Hasya (Laughter Yoga): the philosophy, history and concept
  • Week 2: Science + Practice: faking it until you make it
  • Week 3: Motion Creates Emotion
  • Week 4: Joy + Happiness: what’s the difference?
  • Week 5: Training Your Body + Mind To Laugh
  • Week 6: It’s In The Breath: the connection between breathing and laughter
  • Week 7: Bringing Laughter Yoga Into Your World
  • Week 8: Connecting + Committing: setting laughter into your daily routine

£88 - 8 weeks (online)

7 Days of Laughter Challenge - online, free!

We are rewriting our 21 Days of Laughter Challenge ... and condensing it into a fun-packed FREE 7 Days of Laughter Challenge!

Please get in touch to let Callie know you are waiting: she will be delighted to let you know as soon as it is ready to launch (September 2017).

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Hasya (Laughter) Yoga + Gibberish : Events + In Business

In an events or business context, Laughter Yoga is a cost-effective resource, which has real proven benefits. Laughter Yoga is particularly beneficial for workplace wellness as it:

  • improves morale and motivation
  • improves commitment levels
  • improves concentration and focus levels
  • improve inter-personal skills
  • boosts learning aptitude (it eases the learning process)

From an events/conference perspective: Laughter Yoga sessions are great energisers to use for icebreakers or breakouts ... or just to pick up participants during the mid-afternoon slump! LY sessions are also much in demand for charity days.

From a business perspective: regular Laughter Yoga sessions through in-house trained LY Leaders, or bespoke Laughter Yoga packages, benefits your workplace as a happier, more productive, place to be.

Gibberish: Callie is also a trained Gibberish Coach; Gibberish is a useful, versatile tool to safely release tensions within corporate environments.

Laughter Articles + Links of Interest

*Minimum 4 people for CLYL training. CLYL training fee includes certification and printed manual; training provision outside of our own premises excludes expenses such as travel + accommodation, charged at cost. Please note that CLYL training fees are set by the Laughter Yoga University.