Book Review: Madly In Love With Me by Christine Arylo

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“Give to yourself first, without guilt.”

If ever there were a bullet-point on a back cover designed to make me gallop off to the bookshop and buy a book, that’s the one. And it just so happened that this bullet-point was no.1 on the back cover of Arylo’s ‘Madly In Love With Me’.

Boldly daring the reader to take a stand for herself, Madly In Love With Me is an empowering self-love guide filled with plentiful aha moments, soulful stories and brilliantly-creative exercises to gently nurture and steer women to discover how to love themselves. Describing her work as a “mad revolution of self-love” (pg. 92), Arylo invites readers to dive in deep through this forever-handbook. To work through self-love taboos and check their self-love pulse at the beginning of each new chapter. To learn how to flex and trust our emotional muscles.

“I ask myself what I need, almost on a daily basis, and I make sure I receive it on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ... I am committed to making sure that my life is full of happiness and love, and that I give myself to the world …”

- Christine Arylo, pg. 59

Separated into three parts, SEE the Love!, GROW the Love!, and AMPLIFY the Love!, this book offers inspiring ways to take action through fun experiential learning, with an open invitation to be curious, playful. Accessing a wide variety of materials from within its pages and online sources, this colourful book is a resource which will last the reader for years.

Indeed, it is somewhat rather telling that it took me four years to complete this book and yet has been a title I have recommended to hundreds of women over the last four years. It is a juicy handbook, filled with delights such as love boosts, ME art templates, DARING acts of love, ME moments and love mantras which entices readers to play over and over again, each time gifting a fresh insight, a rich new layer woven into our tapestry of self-love.

For readers who enjoy immersing themselves in to personal development books with a creative edge, this book is highly recommended. One of the most profound exercises, for me, was Arylo’s self-love tree template: a concept which invites women to consider all that they are is rooted in ‘worth’, and from a solid foundation of worth, our self-love tree trunk and branches grow strong and flexible. Empowering readers to nurture, nourish and feed their self-love tree, there are liberal sprinkles of artfully-creative ways to share the love too. The idea of gifting ‘love money’ to surly or bored checkout-staff made me laugh out loud.

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“Make your promise pretty”, encourages Arylo. Making-pretty your promises (or affirmations, or goals) is a simple yet powerful way to ensure the reader feels pure joy when they see it, over and over again. That is just one of the many reasons we find creative-play so important in our coaching sessions: transformation becomes a real pleasure, using different senses to anchor in dreams, desires … and promises.

Madly In Love With Me (+ 5ml Inspiring blend)
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Written in an informal style with illustrations and examples throughout, Arylo has created a unique handbook for all women who find it difficult to prioritise their self-care. Presented as a handbag-sized book with a colourful dark pink cover, the content and layout is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the soul. Access to a variety of meditations, templates and exercises from a dedicated online resource centre means Madly In Love With Me is a versatile, effective and economical personal development tool for women of all ages.


A transformational teacher and co-founder of a virtual self-love school for women, Inner Mean Girl Reform School™, Arylo is adept at guiding women through criticism and comparison, sharing her personal experiences to colour her teachings.

Madly In Love With Me is a delightful, useful and inspiring book which can be used over and over, gifting the reader useful insights over the years. I would recommend this title for every woman over the age of 14; the concept and contents within this book cover are priceless beyond measure in this invasive, pervasive and competitive digital age, where every aspect of our lives is under the microscope.

  • ISBN-13: 9781608680658
  • Published by New World Library, 2012
  • 325pp
  • Health, Mind, Body, Spirit - Popular Psychology
  • RRP £15.99

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