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#SmallStone #AwakeAugust Day 10 - Tidy

#SmallStone #AwakeAugust Day 10 - Tidy

SmallStone AwakeAugust Day 10 Callie

Tidy space, tidy mind

Room to breathe, to create

... to dream, to dance to play

... to read, to study, to live


This month, we are taking part in the #SmallStone #AwakeAugust writing challenge ... to find out more about Small Stones and to join in with #AwakeAugust, please visit Writing Your Way Home xx

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#SmallStone #AwakeAugust Day 11 - Fabric

#SmallStone #AwakeAugust Day 9 - Cheery

#SmallStone #AwakeAugust Day 9 - Cheery