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Hello and welcome to Becoming EssentOILy You! Please find below a list of contact information, tools and resources to help you learn more about doTERRA at your own pace xx


Me (Callie Carling) - Wellness Advocate #281437 + Team Leader

  • WhatsApp: 07921 669012
  • email:
  • Callie's doTERRA story: here

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Our team are predominantly based in the UK and Europe, although we do have wonderful team members in Australia and the USA, too.  This is why our top links, contacts and groups for doTERRA members mostly focuses on those within the UK/EU area.  If you are in other areas of the world, please do share the links you've come across so that we can add them to this list - thank you! x

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Enrolling new team members


Compliance issues or unprofessional behaviour

new WA accounts 2017

Who do you contact if you come across a compliance issue on social media?

  • Gather as evidence as you can (including full website URL/website address/Facebook link) and screenshots, including date you saw the issue + anything else you feel relevant
  • Send an email to with the evidence, and make sure you also include your own doTERRA membership ID. If you know your regional customer service email address, also CC them into the email. You may also wish to CC your enroller, and any regional manager.


Any other questions - or if you have anything you'd like to add - please do let me know!

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