A creativity coach invites you to think hard, feel deeply, dream big and be great ... to manifest your potential (and) live a vital, authentic life ~ Eric Maisel
  • Do you ever get the feeling that life is what happens to other people, and is Passing you by?
  • Are you exhausted by a million-and-one-demands on your time, and just want to Let go?
  • Maybe you feel that this is as all there is: Busyness. Chaos. Stress. But you want Adventure!
  • Emotions affecting your health, but You just feel lost and not sure what to do - or where to go next ?

Are you seeking a way out of a whole bunch of sticky-stuckness, but frustrated with not really knowing what you need to work on to fix it?

That is such a familiar story ... and it's where Creativity Coaching excels. Powerful transformation work that works like dynamite sticks through massive blocks and ancient beliefs ... but much more gently! Buried secret issues and treasures swiftly surface as we work with simple tools to transform your life into something quite magical. 

So whether you need support to revitalise or simplify your family life, spirituality, business or career, personal health or loving relationships ...  all of these can - and will - be transformed with creative coaching.

Stop acting so small. You are the Universe in ecstatic motion - Rumi  

Our creativity coaching sessions are potent yet brilliantly-playful, using inspiring techniques and tools which are intuitively selected for the work we do together. Every session is unique, just as you are ... 

But make no mistake: this is no fluffy-bunny style of coaching!

It is deep transformational work that invites profound shifts to take place in lightening-quick time ... but is fabulous fun, too!

No creative skills necessary: just a willingness to try something new.



  • 1.5 hour creative coaching         (single session) 



BELIEVER [3 months]

  • 3 x 1.5 hours creative coaching       (1 x 1.5 hour session per month, for 3 months) 



[1 month Intensive] 

  • 4 x 1.5 hours creative coaching       (1 x 1.5 hour session for 4 consecutive weeks) 



[3 month Intensive]

  • 12 x 1.5 hours creative coaching               (1 x 1.5 hour session for 12 consecutive weeks) 



Coaching is a big commitment - we know. So please make some time for a Tea 'n Chat session with Callie; all very informal, definitely no hard-sell. It's just a great way to relax for half an hour over a cuppa (by 'phone) ... and to see if we 'click'!  








All coaching programmes (Believer, Seeker, Creator) include: 

  • email support during our office hours, Monday - Friday
  • lifetime access to our private online Dreamer - Believer - Seeker - Creator Circle
  • a surprise package, sent by post
  • daily check-ins by text or WhatsApp, Monday - Friday 
  • cheerleader support + accountability using HappyRitual (free account)


Dreamer coaching sessions include:

  • email support during office hours, Monday - Friday, for up to 2 weeks after your session
  • lifetime access to our private online Dreamer - Believer - Seeker - Creator Circle


Your coaching sessions may be conducted by telephone, Skype, online conferencing system (using our CreaTEAvity online studio) or at our SW London office


Unique to CreaTEAvity, StraTEAgenie sessions are designed to enable creative entrepreneurs and businesses to unravel their knowledge of “what you don’t know you don’t know” in the world of social media.


  • 1 hour of online personalised training, tailored to your requirements




Planning & Review Session

  • 1.5-hour strategic planning session, + a personalised, detailed report (15-20 pages)
  • 1-hr review session (within 4 weeks of initial planning session)


For full information about our coaching sessions and to learn more about what ARTbundance™ coaching, ARTsignments™, Archaeology ARTsignments™ + the 9 ARTbundance™ Principles are, please take a look at our brochure: 

* Believer + Seeker + Creator coaching packages: you will receive a delightful surprise package by post (snailmail!), enabling you fully experience CreaTEAvity's unique approach to coaching, no matter where you are in the world (sadly, some countries restrict what we can add to your package, i.e. tea: Canada is one such country)

Small Print + Technical Stuff

Our time together is very precious; I ask that for each coaching session, you bring three gifts: 

  • the gift of being open to new ideas, 
  • the gift of time to yourself (no distractions please) 
  • the gift of gifting YOURSELF permission to be playfull! 

We can work with you wherever you are in the world: most of our coaching work is done via our online CreaTEAvity studio, using the Zoom conferencing platform, Skype or telephone. Please do contact Callie if you have any questions, we're always open to new ways of connecting!



Callie Carling (founder, CreaTEAvity) is a certified ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner (2011).

ARTsignments™ are used with full permission under, and in accordance with, the ARTbundance™ Licence.