"There is a dance that only you know how to do"

- Gabrielle Roth

Since ancient times, dance has gifted us an effortless way to connect to our spirit … and Chakra Dancing offers you THE perfect way to indulge in your love of dancing while taking part in a heart-centred whole-self workout for mind, body and soul!

CreaTEAvity's Chakra Dancing classes are led Callie Carling, a bountiful plus-size Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation teacher, who is proof that all shapes and sizes can dance.

If you:

  • love to dance
  • love to have fun
  • love music ... yes, you can do this!

Chakra Dancing taps into ancient ways of freeing up our body’s energy flow through the chakras*, the spinning energy wheels through the centre (core) of your body. This beautiful free-form dance will allow you to express your unique self in the most magical of ways. 

Chakra Dancing

What happens in class?

  • First things first: there are no steps or tricky routines to remember - hurrah! and you always set your own pace. 
  • Callie will guide you through the chakras* during an hour-long class, where you will connect to your body, allowing it the freedom to express itself through dancing in your own natural rhythm.
  • There is a natural ebb and flow to the music, so it’s not a full-on hour of hardcore dance moves (unless you wish to do so!). Just like yoga, the more regularly you take part in classes, the better your physical, emotional and spiritual health will become.
  • Chakra Dancing and Creative Meditation is a two-hour class: an hour-long Chakra Dancing class, followed by a half-hour guided Creative Meditation class and sharing time, relaxing over a cuppa.

So if you’re looking for a whole-body-mind workout that is gently healing and rebalancing, nurturing your energy, your health and creativity, this may well be the perfect class for you … 

Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation

  • 2 hours

Hosted in our online studio; easy to connect + take part

:: £15 per person, per class


Chakra Dancing        

  • 1 hour

Hosted in our online studio; easy to connect + take part

:: £9 per person, per class

Chakra Dancing - Private Group

Gather a group of friends and host a private Chakra Dancing class at a time that suits you: available within SW London/Surrey borders, or via our online studio - max. 8 attendees

:: £77 per 1 hour Chakra Dancing session

:: £122 per 2 hour Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation session


Booking Forms

:: currently being updated

  • PlayDates for dates of our next one-day Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation playshops - or host your own!
  • If you would like Callie to lead classes at events, conferences and retreats - please do get in touch

Note: Callie would love to run classes in the Wimbledon area (Putney, Wandsworth, Fulham, Richmond, Kingston, Morden areas) as soon as possible BUT she needs a suitable venue - if you know of any, please do kindly get in touch ASAP!


Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disk, and refers to cone-shaped vortices of energy, which are part of the subtle energy system that surrounds the human body. When the energy is flowing freely, it draws in energy from the universal energy field which nourishes and revitalises our whole state of being. When there is a reduction of energy flow, it leaves us feeling lethargic and physically unwell. 

There are seven major chakras, twenty-one minor chakras and many lesser chakras like those found on the palms of the hand, and soles of the feet. The seven major chakras are located at different points along the spinal column forming a vertical axis from the base of the spine, to the top of the head.**

The Chakras are located from the bottom up (no pun intended!) with their corresponding colours, and we dance through our chakras starting from the Root chakra: 


#7 Crown chakra (violet)

#6 Third Eye chakra (indigo)

#5 Throat chakra (light blue)

#4 Heart chakra (green or pink)

#3 Solar Plexus chakra (yellow)

#2 Sacral chakra (orange)

#1 Root chakra (red)


  • I am very shy but I’d really like to take part

Oh, we DO understand! This style of class is very empowering and always offers a safe, sacred space for you to be yourself. You can either take part in an online class with us, or if you are joining us at a local class, let Callie know how you are feeling and we’ll make very sure you are well looked after.

  • I’m not sure I can last a whole hour, dancing. Will I get in the way?

No, of course you won’t get in the way! The class is very much ‘at your own pace’ so even if you wish to remain seated the whole class, just moving from side to side, that is perfectly fine!

  • Can I buy a friend a Chakra Dancing class as a gift?

Yes, of course you can. We offer them on our online booking system, listed under ‘Packages and Gift Certificates’ which you can print out or email yourself. We do also offer gift cards: just get in touch with Callie to organise one.

  • I love Chakra Dancing classes: can I buy a class pass and get a discount?

We are certainly looking into offering class passes for online classes, depending on which platform will offer the very best class experience. And yes, we will certainly offer class passes for local classes!

  • I’ve got a few health issues: can I take part?

It all depends on the type of health issues you have, to be honest. You can always give Callie a quick call before you chat with your doctor, but new attendees will always be asked to complete a health questionnaire before they begin a Chakra Dancing class (and at routine intervals, when they become regulars). This helps us to make sure we give you the very best support.

  • I’ve got mobility issues: can I take part?

Again, it will all depend on what kind of mobility issues you have, but do get in touch with Callie: it is easy to adapt your movements, or even take part in the class seated.

(if you have a question and don’t see it mentioned here, please do get in touch with Callie: she’d be delighted to answer any questions you may have)

Chakra Dancing and Creative Meditation Therapist

Callie Carling is a certified Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation teacher and authorised to use the Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation music, meditations and graphics.

** (c) Chakra Dancing Ltd.

To find out more about Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation and the teacher-training, please visit Chakra Dancing Ltd.